No Agenda – Exploring Gender Equality

In this workshop we explore the issues of Gender Equality both in the students’ own lives and in wider society. We use games, exercises, discussion, craft and creativity to help unpack the idea of gender. Specifically, we look at stereotyping, body image, gendered language, free choice, sexism, male mental health, feminism and sexuality. However, the student’s curiosity and questioning often leads us down new pathways and we have been known to explore issues surrounding the media’s representation of gender, pornography and gym culture. Young people often feel pressured to behave in a certain way or conform to a specific ‘ideal’. We offer a safe and creative space to discuss issues that have a huge impact on their lives and, indeed, their futures. This workshop can be half day or full day and we can tailor it to a particular focus if necessary. We find that we cover a vast array of material and use the age of the students and their particular feedback to assess the areas needing more time and thought. Aims:
  • To facilitate a safe space for students to share thoughts relating to gender and identity.
  • To challenge preconceived ideas of the masculine and feminine ideal as represented in the media.
  • To discuss sexuality and allow freedom to express thoughts and ask questions.
  • To explore gendered language and offer alternative ways of using speech to foster greater equality.
  • To disrupt stereotype.
  • To allow the students to mould the session through their own contributions and areas of interest..
  • To encourage future freedom of discussion surrounding gender.
  • To recognise that diversity of opinion exists and enable people to make their own choices.
Other PSHE workshops we offer include:
  • Female Mental Health
  • Self-Harm
  • Eating and Nutrition
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  • Women in Science and Technology Careers (See Career Skills Page)
  • Homophobia
  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Politics and Our Place in Society
We also provide specially tailored workshops on themes such as Armistice Day and Diwali at specific times of year. Please do contact us if you have a query about a workshop and we will be happy to accommodate.



In this workshop, we explore issues related to sexuality and identity. These include: appropriate terms and language, difference , diversity of opinion, inclusivity, intersection, masculinity and feminism. The workshops are practical. We have also made theatre and film work on issues such as rural LGBTQIA+. We spearheaded a national project with TORCH at Oxford University creating a film, sound archive and touring show.