‘NO AGENDA’ EXPLORING GENDER EQUALITY In this workshop we explore the issues of Gender Equality both in the students’ own lives and in wider society. We use games, exercises, discussion, craft and creativity to help unpack the idea of gender. Specifically, we look at stereotyping, body image, gendered language, free choice, sexism, male mental health, feminism and sexuality. However, the student’s curiosity and questioning often leads us down new pathways and we have been known to explore issues surrounding the media’s representation of gender, pornography and gym culture. Read More >


‘PLAY IN A DAY’ One of our most successful theatre programmes for schools is our ‘Play in a Day’ scheme. Turn of Phrase bring in a team of facilitators to work with a year group to create 10-15 minute show with each class that form a theatrical showing at the end of the day. The topics we have covered as overarching themes for the days have included: Fair Trade, the environment, gender, and Elizabethan theatre. We can tailor our Play in a Day to a topic you are working on as part of the curriculum. At The Beacon School we ran a Play in a Day focused around the theme of Fair Trade. Five facilitators worked with groups of 12 students from Year 7 to create a piece of theatre from scratch. Each group were given a different starting point or topic, so that one group looked at chocolate while another group looked at coffee. The groups then had to dramatise their issue. After working intensely together for four and half hours Year 7 presented their shows to the rest of the school in an inspirational and informative show that used music, dance and projections alongside drama. Read More >


‘Interview Technique’ We help students prepare for Oxbridge interviews and for summer programmes, internships and jobs. We use facilitators with a background in the chosen area of study and create a bespoke workshop for individual students and class groups. Please contact us for your specific requirements. ‘Women in science and technology careers’ Working with scientist and broadcaster, Dr Emily Grossman, we have created a workshop that helps to explore various career possibilities for women in science and technology. This workshop is aimed at Year 9 upwards, when students begin to think about their possible career choices. Read More >